Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bubble Bee Tea House!

Bubble Bee Tea House is located in SM Cebu North Wing.

Me and my friend Mitsu want to chill for a while after going to an early birthday party, we don't want something heavy since we were still full plus we want a chill place, so we went here.

No regrets. :)

Bubble Bee Tea House Menu

It is located in a snazzy little corner, perfect for milk tea date/catching up. Haha. Hi Mitsu!
Le ordering station

The place plays Chinese/Korean music according to my friend.

"Hehe let's order already"

This is my friend, Aprilyn. Mitsu as I like to call her. She brought me to this place but I've been dying to try the place out ever since a friend told me that they serve excellent bubble milk tea.

Almond Bubble Milk Tea

So I ordered this, it was one of the greatest-tasting bubble milk tea I have ever tasted. I mean, seriously. D:

I didn't take a pic of Mitsu's Taro Tea, but we didn't forget to hog the cam. Haha.
Sorry for the unkempt hair. XD

Look, a cork board filled with customer messages in a corner!

Don't  mind if we do, haha.
We didn't let the opportunity pass to post something up there. The milk tea server was kind enough to give us these cute sticky paper thingies and two push pins! 

Shameless, shameless blog promotion. haha! I don't know why I used my fake last name here. :))

The Chinese characters read as "Pào Pào Fēng Chá Wū"

While we were just contentedly sipping our bubble milk tea, Mitsu, who is 3/4 Chinese, taught me what those characters under the logo meant.
 In Mandarin it says "Pào Pào Fēng Chá Wū" or Bubble Bee Tea House~! Nifty huh? :D

Bubble Bee Tea House Rating:

Price: ★★★★ ☆
 (last is a half star, I don't know the ascii code. I'll find something else in the future.)
Taste: ★★★★★
Place/Ambiance: ★★★★★
Staff: ★★★★★
Overall: The Almond Bubble Bee Milk Tea is my new favorite! <3 
The place would be something I would love to frequently go to everytime I go to SM Cebu.
 I encourage you people to try out this new place, it's worth your money! :)

I look forward to my next visit!


  1. Try ko diha Mai. akong friend bitaw cgeg ingon na lami daw diha, naa sad daw larger branch nila dapit CDU? <3 Nice shots! :)

    1. Mo recommend jud ko sa ila Almond milk tea, lami kaayo Erks! I have no idea sa CDU area, but I would love to check it out someday. :) Thank you <3

  2. i didnt know Bubble Bee already opened in Northwing! to think i'm like a block away from SM, haha... everyone's been pushing me to go there but i haven't had the time, but will check it out soon! your pictures make it look awesome :)


    1. Sorry for the very late reply! I wonder if you've been there by now since it's been exactly one month since you posted this comment :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you had an enjoyable experience there! <(`ー´)>