Monday, August 20, 2012

Late June - July - early August Photo Dumpage (pic heavy)

Whoa, it's been 2 months since my last post already? Oh how time flies~ when you're doing nothing.

I don't know where to begin, so this post will be random photo dumps of what I did in the past few months.

2pm Cafe visit~

I believe this drink was called Iced Mocha~ it didn't agree with my stomach that day :(
One of the reasons why I like it there.. books! :>
..and the fast internet connection.
Oh hi there, stranger~

What are you writing?
Bye, "oppa", you take care of yourself now. -gigglesnort-
 (It's an inside joke with Ms. Ericka) haha


Ms. Wee and friends make up job stint~

Once in a while I get asked to do a make up job, this is one of them. :) I hope to acquire more useful tools and make up techniques in the future.
Ms. Wee at the center :>

At the risk of sounding braggy, I think I did a pretty decent job. :)
Special thanks to Mr. Wee for his referral. 


Make up for Ms. Ericka Jean's Acquaintance Party~

I wanted to do her make up~ :)

Happy and smiling girls are the prettiest~
My eye bags are part of the package haha.


My mom's hospital stay~

My mom had her gall bladder removed because of the stones in it. The operation was a success!
Her surgeon was very cute, and very married. hahahaha.

My dad's handwriting and comic relief. lol


Swimsuit Competition~

My mum judged a swimsuit competition for a local beauty contest. I had her and my sister dolled up for the event.
It is also the day when it was confirmed that my married sister is officially pregnant!

Well, there's no way I'd not get dolled up too~ haha
Loving the in2it bb cream in Sienna (02) effect here. 
No concealer or foundation on our faces. It's THAT good.

My glowing, pregnant sister and brother-in-law

Lol, we don't look alike.

My mum in action.

The candidates~ I have more pictures of them..but uhh...
Carbon copy haha

We don't look alike either.


Japan Festival with my mum~

Honestly, it's so rare for my mum to wait for me after certain events and with that I'm thankful for this rare opportunity.

I did dress up a bit more for the 2-day festival.. but I'm not sure I want to share it here.. there is a certain stigma to "being one of it/them" now thanks to a certain tv show.


I have more updates but it goes to my alternative blog haha. Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bubble Bee Tea House!

Bubble Bee Tea House is located in SM Cebu North Wing.

Me and my friend Mitsu want to chill for a while after going to an early birthday party, we don't want something heavy since we were still full plus we want a chill place, so we went here.

No regrets. :)

Bubble Bee Tea House Menu

It is located in a snazzy little corner, perfect for milk tea date/catching up. Haha. Hi Mitsu!
Le ordering station

The place plays Chinese/Korean music according to my friend.

"Hehe let's order already"

This is my friend, Aprilyn. Mitsu as I like to call her. She brought me to this place but I've been dying to try the place out ever since a friend told me that they serve excellent bubble milk tea.

Almond Bubble Milk Tea

So I ordered this, it was one of the greatest-tasting bubble milk tea I have ever tasted. I mean, seriously. D:

I didn't take a pic of Mitsu's Taro Tea, but we didn't forget to hog the cam. Haha.
Sorry for the unkempt hair. XD

Look, a cork board filled with customer messages in a corner!

Don't  mind if we do, haha.
We didn't let the opportunity pass to post something up there. The milk tea server was kind enough to give us these cute sticky paper thingies and two push pins! 

Shameless, shameless blog promotion. haha! I don't know why I used my fake last name here. :))

The Chinese characters read as "Pào Pào Fēng Chá Wū"

While we were just contentedly sipping our bubble milk tea, Mitsu, who is 3/4 Chinese, taught me what those characters under the logo meant.
 In Mandarin it says "Pào Pào Fēng Chá Wū" or Bubble Bee Tea House~! Nifty huh? :D

Bubble Bee Tea House Rating:

Price: ★★★★ ☆
 (last is a half star, I don't know the ascii code. I'll find something else in the future.)
Taste: ★★★★★
Place/Ambiance: ★★★★★
Staff: ★★★★★
Overall: The Almond Bubble Bee Milk Tea is my new favorite! <3 
The place would be something I would love to frequently go to everytime I go to SM Cebu.
 I encourage you people to try out this new place, it's worth your money! :)

I look forward to my next visit!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make up and Fashion Collaboration Shoot with Ericka Garcia of :)

Last May 12, 2012, My good friend, Ms. Ericka Garcia and I had a collaboration shoot along with Ms. Mae de Vera and Ms. Rocena Bartoloni as our models.

Ms. Mae de Vera and Ms. Rocena Bartoloni
(can you say, wow? These girls are naturals!)

I have dabbled with make up and stuff but this was the first time where I am solely in charge of doing the make up for the models. Ms. Ericka Garcia is in charge of the clothes and photographing them as well. This is also the first time where I had a 'normal' collaboration shoot, too. Our concept revolved around what is fashionably 'in' here in Cebu, we sort of just 'winged it', to be honest. :)
Ericka showed me two sets of clothes they were to wear for their day time and night time look and I tried my best to properly match the make up I should use for them with their clothes.

We are still new to this and we are still finding our footing, please be gentle! :)

TL;DR - We're new, Ericka does the styling/fashion and photography part, I do the make up.

Here are the pictures!

Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, day time look 

(She reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse)

Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, day time look

Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, day time look

Ms. Mae de Vera, day time look

Ms. Mae de Vera, day time look

Ms. Mae de Vera, day time look


Ms. Mae de Vera, night time look 

Ms. Mae de Vera, night time look
Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, night time look

Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, night time look

Ms. Rocena Bartoloni, night time look
Rocena and Mae, night time look


Photos are all by Ms. Ericka Garcia of

Make up by Mai Peralta
Models: Mae de Vera (Belated happy birthday!) and Rocena Bartoloni

Thank you, girls! <3 Looking forward to future shoots!

Mai and the fashionable Ms. Ericka =)

Mai with the lovely models, Rocena and Mae <3

Ms. Ericka Garcia will soon post in her blog about the models' clothes and styling. Please check it out soon! :)

Critiques and constructive comments are very welcome! :)