Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Post!

A sort of FYI but not really. Ah, I can be really vague and in your face at the same time sometimes.

Writing style? Mai, make up your mind!
I am still trying to discern what type of writing style I should adapt or keep for consistency. I like to read a lot so that must be one of the reasons why my writing style changes every once in a while, or at least after every new book I read or re-read. Like for example, if I recently finished a historical novel and if I were to write a product review, then it would certainly sound weird because I might use time inappropriate words in my sentences like "We ain't never seen the likes o'this" or "Whence, comest thou?" or even more wtf would be to join them together as in, "Whence, dost this comest thou? We ain't never seen the likes o'this moisturizer" or something like that. Haha.

What will this blog "Life in Snippets" contain?
This blog will not only contain make up looks, reviews, DIY's and such; it will also contain book reviews, video games (I like rpg's the best), interesting websites, and hopefully a bit of fashion. I must admit though that I'm not so big into fashion. My wardrobe staples are mainly jeans and shirts. There's nothing wrong with jeans and shirts mind you, but admittedly as a grown woman, I should have more age appropriate clothes and that I should stop dressing up like a highschooler. Haha.

Why is it called Life In Snippets?
Well to be frank, I was at lost for words when I first made this blog. I actually spent hours trying to find the perfect name for this blog, then I thought of the word "snippets" which is a noun that is according to Merriam-Webster as 'a small part, piece, or thing; especially : a brief quotable passage' and I thought to myself that this blog will inevitably contain snippets from my life: what I'm up to, what I spazz about and what I like to do in my spare time so I thought I'd point out the obvious and name it as obviously as possible. Haha. :))

You're in to make up only and not both make up and fashion? What?
I wasn't into make up at first, but I had this dressing up hobby that made me learn how to put on make up so I could embody the character more. (*wink *hint hint*)  I'm still on the learning process and make up is fascinating; I still learn a lot of techniques and stuff whenever I read or watch a new make up tutorial. As for fashion, I'm reading on tips and gathering advices from friends on what kind of clothes would suit me best because I still find jeans and recently leggings/jeggings comfortable, and now instead of pairing it up with my old sandals or my dirty Chuck Taylors, I pair them up with wedges and heels. I have also acquired new tops in the form of blouses, cardigans and.. and.. I still don't know what people call those being the general term, top. Haha.

Since you're still starting in the fashion thing, will you do collabs with other bloggers?
Yes, definitely. As matter of fact I had a shoot yesterday, May 12, 2012 with a really good friend from school. Watch out for it on my next post.


  1. Hello Mai!

    Welcome to blogging world! You should try wearing cute sandals and wedges too! :)

    I'm so happy to spend a good time with you. 'til next shoooooot!


    1. Hi Erks!

      My first comment! Haha Thank you as well, and yes I shall wear cuter sandals from now on haha!

      'til next shoot indeedy! :3